Maintenance of Plants, Machinery & Accessories

 Manufacturers Exporters and Wholesale Suppliers of Maintenance of Plants, Machinery & Accessories Gurgaon Haryana

Our services typically include cost-effective, engineered solutions that are implemented through around the clock, field modifications. PPEPI Maintenance services are marked by our commitment to provide exactly the right approach to meet our client’s need. Capabilities we’ve applied successfully include:

Our services include:
1. All kind of related spares for heavy machinery
2. Turbines, turbine blades, and related spare parts for power industry.
3. Pump parts & impeller.
4. Material handling equipments
5. Equipments for ash handling & coal handling plants.
6. Plant modification
7. Flow control equipments -Gate valves, dome valve
8. Spare & wear parts

PPEPI has the flexibility to:
Outsource work and purchase parts on client preference and direction
Project manage major repairs / rebuilds
Draw specialized labour from the sub-contract sector on areas not of PPEPI expertise to meet client requirements
Store equipment and manage logistics on behalf of the client
Assist and support technical improvements , fitments , modifications


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