Vibro Sifter

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Vibro Sifter is an efficient and compact unit, self contained and mounted on castor wheels. Specially designed motor with eccentric weights mounted on the output shaft of the motor imparts vibratory motion to the hopper assembly, where the screen is sandwiched between the two halves. Material finer than the screen mesh passes through the screen and is collected in the bottom hopper.

Size are normally available are:-12”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 72”

Vibro screens are used in certain standard configurations as per client requirement about its product finest like


  • The Unique features are its high capacity, use minimum space, less power of  this type of screens.
  • The material to be screened is feed from top and collected from different outlet of different decks.
  • These screens can handle wide range of material like heavy, light, coarse or fine, dry or wet etc.
  • We are manufacturing various size of machine in MS or SS construction to suit client application.
  • It is most advanced design of screens for grading of wet, fine and difficult to screen materials, so it is widely useful in the food & agro product, ceramic, stone, glass, plastics, salt & mineral industries etc.

Type of Deck

Single Deck :- In single Deck, vibro sifter only have one sieve is used for fining the granules or powder.
Double Deck :- In Double Deck vibro sifter have Two sieve is used for fining the granules or powder.




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