Tray Dryer

 Manufacturers Exporters and Wholesale Suppliers of Tray Dryer Gurgaon Haryana

Our Tray Dryer is designed for uniform circulation of hot air in the drying chamber.
Electrical/ Steam/ Oil Heating mode.

Working :

In small, dryers the material is placed on trays, which slide into the drying cabinet, while in large installations the interior may be designed for the wheeling in of trolleys containing the trays. The simplest form of heating places the sources of heat (e.g. a steam coil or electrical coil) at floor level and relies on natural convection. fans provide a forced circulation of air across the trays. Air flows in axle direction over each shelf in turn. The wet material spread directly on the shallow trays resting on the shelves. Electrical elements (heater) or steam heated pipes are positioned so that air is periodically on one shelf before if passes over the material on the next shelf. Tray dryer is a tupe of fixed bed dryer i.e. the bed of the material to be dried is stationary.

Tryas & Trolley :

Trays are available in S.S. 304/ 316 quality. Trays are buffed to mirror finish. Trolley is provided  in the tray dryers to accommodate trays in it. Trolley trucks are used to load and unload the trays into the dryer.




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